Carlos Cloma Clan

Carlos Cloma – Sabina Lagria

—–Severina Lagria Cloma – Valeriano Berse Sr.

———-Romeo Cloma Berse – Julieta Gaviola

—————Romer Gaviola Berse – Mutya

—————James Gaviola Berse

———-Nicomedes Cloma Berse – Delia Anadon


———-Valeriano Cloma Berse Jr.

———-Carmelita Cloma Berse

—————Jesus Grethel

—————Imelda Hansel

———-Roberto Cloma Berse

———-Dang Cloma Berse – James Crispin Guanzon

—————Korina Leila Maria Berse Guanzon

—————Vincent Dominico

—–Buenaventura Lagria Cloma

Toribio Lagria Cloma

This is a initial info from Dang Cloma Berse Guanzon. She is teaching at San Carlos University in Cebu. Severina Lagria Cloma who hails from Lila, Bohol is still living at 90 years old and going to celebrate it this coming November 01, 2009. More info will be added when Dang interviews her Mom.


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