Ciriaco Cloma Clan of Panglao

CIRIACO CLOMA / Irenea Arbolente
    QUITERIA Arbolente Cloma
    TRINIDAD Arolente Cloma
    TORIBIO Arbolente Cloma / Beatriz Racho
         Aurora Racho Cloma / Wilfredo Lomantas
              Orville Pompei Cloma Lomantas / Maritess Muñez
                   Mariville Olymph Muñez Lomantas
                   Omar Virgil Muñez Lomantas
              Toribio Ramir Cloma Lomantas / Mafe Tinampay
                   Daisy Ramae Tinampay Lomantas
                   Marian Faye Lomantas Tinampay
                   Camille Daphne Lomantas Tinampay
              Jo Anne Cloma Lomantas
                   Lorenz Myrrh Lomantas
              Omar Edwin Cloma Lomantas / Aida Romero
                   Earl Aimar Lomantas Romero
              Perla Pinky Cloma Lomantas
         Estela Racho Cloma / Vitaliano Mellijor
              Marivee Cloma Melijor / Jose Neil Tutor
              Joseph Clomel Cloma Melijor / Shiela Hadlucon
                   Czarina Kisseneth Hadlucon Melijor
                   Charisse Mae Hadlucon Melijor
                   Czarmaine Aira Hadlucon Melijor
              Ritchie Cloma Melijor / Antonietta Tutor
                   Vilton John Tutor Melijor
                   Reanne Tutor Melijor
              Ivy Cloma Melijor
              Guardson Cloma Melijor / Rene Namor
                   Guarren Chandy Namor Melijor
         Gregorio Racho Cloma / Evelina Maglajos
              Geraldee Frances Maglajos Cloma
              Gerda Maglajos Cloma
              Geve Mariae Maglajos Cloma
    ILUMINADA Arbolente Cloma / Felicisimo Loseñada
         Nemesio Cloma / Evangeline Tanilon
              Maria Evaneliza “Yvann” T. Cloma / Steve Lucero
                   Zach Immanuel Cloma Lucero
                   Charles Josef Cloma Lucero
              Shylee Cloma /Ahmes Magsano
                   Alexis Lei Cloma Magsano
                   Ahmes Cloma Magsano, II
                   Alexander James Cloma Magsano
         Landelina Cloma / Denisson Bongcaron
              Maximino Guiritan / Elena Araña
                   Cora Christie Araña Guiritan
                   Augustus Caesar Araña Guiritan
                   Michael Lawrence Araña Guiritan
                   Rostides Guiritan
              Jose Judizon Bongcaron / Leda Goloso
                   Jeanella Bongcaron
                   Jessa Marielle Bongcaron
              Ma. Jessilyn Bongcaron
              Maria Gwendolyn Bongcaron
              Jose Ritche Bongcaron / Joselita Marcial
              Jose Lyndon Bongcaron / Michelle Lee
                   Joriz Symon Lee Bongcaron
                   Michaela Lee Bongcaron
                   John Damien Lee Bongcaron
              Jose Denisson Bongcaron / Rhea del Rosario
                   Breanna Denise del Rosario Bongcaron
                   Chloe Anne del Rosario Bongcaron
              Marybelle Bongcaron
         Floridad Cloma Loseñada / Landelino Maslog
              Ma. Sheryl Loseñada Maslog
              John Paul Loseñada Maslog
         Josefina Cloma Loseñada
         Bernardo Cloma Loseñada / Naty Loseñada
              Bernadette Loseñada
              Rona Loseñada
         Pablito Cloma Loseñada / Lina Aquino
              Catherine Guiritan
              Christine Guiritan Guerrero
              Paul Jericho Loseñada / Richelle
                   Dwayne Loseñada
              Francis Loseñada
              Ram Jay Loseñada
              Lumina Aprilyn Loseñada
         Eulalia Loseñada / Edgardo Paredes
              Ma. Eluvie Paredes / Michael Tuyor
                   Regine Angelique Tuyor
                   Michelle Loise Tuyor
                   Mykee Alanis Tuyor
                   Emmanuel Tuyor
              Josefina Flores Paredes / Salvador Bernal
              Edgar Ritchel Paredes / Crystal Paredes
                   Chryshelle Paredes
              Ma. Gay Paredes / Rommel
              Lemuel Agustin Paredes
    LULAY Arbolente Cloma (deceased at birth)
    JESUS Arbolente  Cloma
    AURELIA Arbolente Cloma
    GENOVEVA Arbolente Cloma / Mr. Bongosia
         Virgilio Cloma Bongosia
    NARCISO Arbolente Cloma
    PEDRO Arbolente Cloma
    FILEMON Arbolente Cloma / Gabriela Villegas Bautista 
         Irenea Bautista Cloma / Romy Ignacio
              Laria Toni Cloma Ignacio
         Jorge Bautista Cloma / Ellida Tumulak
              Jilda Tumulak Cloma
              Jowel Tumulak Cloma / Marjory Arellano
              Joven Tumulak Cloma
         Laura Marina Bautista Cloma / Manny Jain
              Dexter Cloma Jain
             Justin Cloma Jain
         Norman Bautista Cloma / Rosario Mendoza
              Venus Mendoza Cloma
              Marian Mendoza Cloma
         Priscilla Bautista Cloma / Emmanuel Perez
              Erwin Cloma Perez
              Edwin Cloma Perez
              Elgin Cloma Perez
              Erinn Mariel Cloma Perez
         Ramir Ciriaco Bautista Cloma / Eloisa Sanchez
              Eiree Sanchez Cloma
              Elysse Sanchez Cloma
         Philip Bautista Cloma / Elizabeth ?
              Lujean Cloma / Mr. Mendoza
              Mateo Cloma
              Diego Cloma
              Anita Cloma
         Oliva Corazon Bautista Cloma / Ray Hachem
              Rachel Cloma Hachem
              Stephanie Cloma Hachem
    TOMAS Arbolente Cloma (born 1904) / Victoria Luz Borromeo Galvez
         Claro Galvez Cloma (died at birth)
         Rizal Galvez Cloma / Bella Ragas
              Rizabelle Ragas Cloma / Mr. Santos
         Tomas Honorio Galvez Cloma Jr. / Lydia Vibar
              Lyrio Vibar Cloma / Mr. Read
         Adoracion Galvez Cloma / Sabino Manglicmot
         Jaime Galvez Cloma / Helen Oliva
              Erick Oliva Cloma
         Virgilio Galvez Cloma / Karlyn Brown
              Jean Paul “Bulitt” Brown Cloma / Yvette Ybañez
                   Chelsea Ybañez Cloma
                   Joshua Ybañez Cloma
              Angelica Brown Cloma
         Basilio Galvez Cloma (died at 7yrs old)
         Celia Galvez Cloma / Robert Faugier
              Rocely Cloma Faugier

The source of the above data is the autobiography book of Admiral Tomas Cloma written by Abueva, Alamon and Domingo.

Other sources are from the internet profiles of each person available online.

Data from Ivy Cloma was the source for the down line of Filemon Arbolente Cloma with thanks.

Thanks for Yvann Cloma-Lucero for the additional names of siblings of Ciriaco Cloma and the down line of Iluminada Cloma. Iluminada was born on November 15, 1915 and died on July 29, 1986

Thanks to Geraldee Frances Cloma for the downline information of Toribio Cloma and Beatriz Racho.

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  1. as far as i know this is our clan but i will update this once i can talk with my mother on her bday because i am base in cebu.

    carlos cloma- sabina lagria
    * severina cloma- valeriano berse sr(deceased)
    ** romeo cloma berse(+)- julieta gaviola berse
    *** romer berse- mutya
    *** james
    ** nicomedes cloma berse- delia anadon berse
    *** aubrey
    ** valeriano cloma berse jr.(+)
    ** carmelita cloma berse
    ***jesus grethel
    *** imelda hansel
    ** roberto cloma berse
    ** eduardo cloma berse
    ** dang cloma berse guanzon- james crispin guanzon
    *** korina leila maria
    *** vincent dominic III
    * toribio cloma – ???
    i still have to ask my mother about her brother’s family

  2. How do I update some of this?

    • Hi Lyrio… Happy new year! just email or post the names and their order of birth and include their spouses then downlines… thanks again and God bless!


  3. Hello,

    Nice to know that my family is part of the Cloma clan. I only visited Bohol once, and that was many years ago.
    I kinda visit Cebu frequently because of work.



    • Hi Rona,

      Thanks for visiting our site. Where are you based now?


  4. How come only Rocely is listed as a sibling for Robert Faugier & Celia Faugier (who by the way are now divorced?) I am the eldest. Robert Faugier Jr. is the middle son.

    • Sorry for the incomplete info. Will update soon as you have informed us. Thanks again. Please add me in your facebook if possible… God bless!

  5. Philip Bautista Cloma / Elizabeth Javier
    Lujean Cloma / Joseph Mendoza
    Mateo Cloma
    Diego Cloma
    Anita Cloma
    just putting this in


  7. Adoracion Galvez Cloma / Sabino Manglicmot

    – Cesar Cloma Manglicmot (Died at age between 6-10? years old)
    – Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II

  8. hi,rosalinda cloma po ito,ask ko lng po kung may kilala po kayong amada cloma, allllejo cloma,felipe cloma at aning cloma. cla po kc hinahanap ko kc cla yong sinasabi ng mama ko na kapatid nya.8yrs old pa kc mama ng umalis cya ng bohol ksma ang pinsan nya.56 na cya ngayon.pangalan daw mama nya ay cresencia.kung may alam po kayo pls.naman paalam nyo naman sa akin agad kc gusto ko rin po makauwi ang mama ko kung san cya nanggaling kahit bakasyon lng.sabi nya panglao daw ay lunsod at barrio daw sa kanila,das-ag look.

    • Hi Rosalinda… if you are in Phils you can text me at 09393956745 and add me in your facebook… we can communicate faster there… God bless!

  9. carmen nga pLA ANG PANGALAN NG MAMA KO.

  10. oh and i can be reached by this number. 09333133206

  11. HI there.

    I’m wondering if Marina Cloma – a former classmate from Our Lady of Loreto College is part of your clan. Marina was our High School classmate for 1963 – 1967 at Our Lady of Loreto College, a private girls school located in Legarda, Manila and was run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

    We have had several reunions and would like to re-connect with Marina. If you know her and her whereabouts, we would be very happy to hear from her or about her. My email address is My maiden name is Yolanda Arayata. Thank you.

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