Tomas Cloma Clan of Camiguin


            When I visited Bo. Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin in July 18-20, 2009, I was amazed to know that there is a community of Cloma living close to each other. During the interview with members of the clan, I was also intrigued because of the similarity of the names of which when I calculated the ages and years, I realized that the similarities of names does not mean the same person found in other clan in other place. So, please be open and let’s just take this as a fact of life that indeed there must be something that needs further investigation.

TOMAS CLOMA (born ~ 1890) / Eusebia Santa
    REGINO Santa Cloma (born ~1917) / Anacleta Sagrado
         Lydia Sagrado Cloma
         Leticia Sagrado Cloma
         Angelita Sagrado Cloma / Renato Claret
              Irene Cloma Claret / Erick Mabolo
              Lenny Cloma Claret
              Hidy Cloma Claret
              Mary Rose Cloma Claret
         Rosana Sagrado Cloma
         Danilo Sagrado Cloma
         Gil Sagrado Cloma
         Antonio Sagrado Cloma
         Rey Sagrado Cloma
         Priscilla Sagrado Cloma
         Mommy Sagrado Cloma
    CIFRIANO Santa Cloma / Inday Boholano
         Carlito Boholano Cloma / Ubihilda Amancio
         Alberto Boholano Cloma / Conchita
         Constancio Boholano Cloma / Victoria
         Dioscora Boholano Cloma
         Lolita Boholano Cloma
         Rosalina Boholano Cloma / Cesar Cahilog
         Lucita Boholano Cloma
         Martin Boholano Cloma
    FLORENCIO Santa Cloma / Tecla Teves
         Florencio Teves Cloma Jr.
         Cristobal Teves Cloma
         Corazon Teves Cloma
         Filonilo Teves Cloma
         Pablito Teves Cloma
         Robin Teves Cloma
         Rufo Teves Cloma
         Tessie Teves ClomaA
         Cresencio Teves Cloma / –
             Joy Cloma
         Rudy Teves Cloma
    EULALIA Santa Cloma / Mr. Sugabo
         Lolong Cloma Sugabo
         Iboy Cloma Sugabo
         Udong Cloma Sugabo
         Uning Cloma Sugabo
         Iby Cloma Sugabo
         Nini Cloma Sugabo
    CANDIDO Santa Cloma (Born 1925) / Regalada Dapar (82 yrs old)
         Pedro Dapar Cloma / Zena Quimanhan
              Jinky Quimanhan Cloma
             Gemma Quimanhan Cloma
              Jeralene Quimanhan Cloma
              Gilbert Quimanhan Cloma
              Leah Mae Quimanhan Cloma
        Elrinda Dapar Cloma / Luciano Lonod
              Erna Cloma Lonod / Jeje Bonggot
                   Jesaira Lonod Bonggot
              Luciano Cloma Lonod Jr. / Fedilyn Caniete
                   Reymark Caniete Lonod
              Alice Cloma Lonod / Carlito Hondanero
                   Kent John Lonod Hondanero
        Antonio Dapar Cloma / Virginia Lusterio
              Sandy Lusterio Cloma
              Emie Lusterio Cloma / Rolly Gabac
                   James Rolly Cloma Gabac
                   Krizia Mae Cloma Gabac
                   Romilyn Cloma Gabac
                   Jaia Camille Cloma Gabac
                   James Ryle Cloma Gabac
                   “Arontog” Cloma Bagac
              Glenn Lusterio Cloma
              Ruby Lusterio Cloma
              Eleny Lusterio Cloma
              Ralph Lusterio Cloma
              Divine Lusterio Cloma
         Rufina Dapar Cloma
         Elsa Dapar Cloma / Noe Caracol
              Cyndrick Cloma Caracol
              Alendave Cloma Caracol
         Estelita Dapar Cloma / Mario Jote
              Estela Cloma
              Kenjie Cloma Jote
              Radjikim Cloma Jote
              Nicehara Cloma Jote
         Raul Dapar Cloma / Prima Cenita
              Iydine Kline Cenita Cloma
              Raul Thomas Cenita Cloma
    RESTITUTA Santa Cloma / Francisco Gabac (1st spouse)
         Pepita Cloma Gabac / Antonio Malaque
              Jenara Gabac Malaque /
              Arjano Gabac Malaque / Editha Cabahug
              Lydia Gabac Malaque / Roland Dablo
              Asela Gabac Malaque / Norberto Sare
              Antonio Gabac Malaque Jr. /
              Rufina Gabac Malaque / Mr.. Caes
              Rosauro Gabac Malaque / Rochelle Sasil
                   Roxelle Sasil Malaque
                   Randolf Sasil Malaque
                   Rochie Sasil Malaque
                   Roxie Sasil Malaque
              Cesar Gabac Malaque /
              Carlita Gabac Malaque /
         Luciano Cloma Gabac / Aying Bullecer
                                      / Mr. Calamba (2nd spouse)
         Pat Cloma Calamba / Wilma Makapayad
         Cornelio Cloma Calamba / Flora
         Rosalie Cloma Calamba / Roberto Gamulo
    ANTONINA Santa Cloma (deceased single)
    ENCARNACION Santa Cloma / Severino Gabac
         Romeo Cloma Gabac
         Felipa Cloma Gabac / Remlani Villafuerte
         Ging-ging Cloma Gabac / Hilario Lopena
         Conchita Cloma Gabac / Aquilino Palis
         Korina Cloma Gabac / Mauricio Malaque
         Nining Cloma Bagac
    FRANCISCA Santa Cloma / Matthias Cahilog
         Cornelio Cloma Cahilog
         Juanito Cloma Cahilog
         Pilar Cloma Cahilog
         Cemfrosa Cloma Cahilog / Sergio Apit
              Danny Cahilog Apit
              Roy Cahilog Apit
              Joy Cahilog Apit
              Rolando Cahilog Apit
              Aquilino Cahilog Apit
              Wilfredo Cahilog Apit
         Rosario Cloma Cahilog
         Maximino Cahilog / Trining Bobong
              Betty Cahilog
              Paz Cahilog
              Vicky Cahilog
              Saturnino Cahilog
              Fidel Cahilog

Of all the siblings of Tomas and Eusebia, REGINO SANTA CLOMA who is now 92 years old (born sometime 1917) is the only living but is already being taken cared by a private nurse. A sketchy story that I gathered during my trip, the TOMAS CLOMA of Camiguin is a fisherman by profession. And because of the heat that is generated by the petromax lamps they use at night, Tomas’ right side of face got partial burn which was thought of initially as “leprosy”. Tomas went to Manila for treatment at the Manila Sanitarium and when he was healed, story claimed that Tomas took another family in Manila. This need to be confirmed by checking with the records of Manila Sanitarium. Will have to do this later.

Another of their stories about sometime in the 1950’s, there was a boat that arrived in the shores of Bo. Yumbing and its crew were looking for Cloma clan members supposedly to be brought to Palawan. There were few who went with the boat as many went up to the mountains afraid to go. This story was also mentioned in the book written by Abueva. Ir’s a correlation.

Another story has it that there are “CLIMA” surnames in Camiguin. As per account of Dioscora “Cora” Cloma, while she was riding a jeep, she was wearing a shirt with CLOMA print on it. Someone seated next to her suddenly talked to her and told her that their surname is CLIMA but it was originally CLOMA but was changed during the Japanese occupation of the island in 1940″s. Someone who is a Lieutenent in the guerilla was named CLOMA and the Japanese were fiecely looking for him. Hence they changed their surname to CLIMA just to evade the Japanese. Until now they are still carrying the surname as they were not able to changed it anymore after the war.

There is more to learn from the people in Camiguin and I hope to visit them again and talk to Regino, hopefully he will still be alive in the next couple of months. There is another clan in another barangay in Mambajao that is not directly related to the clan in Bo. Yumbing. This need to be investigated also when I visit Camiguin soon.

The Cloma clan in Camiguin will have a reunion next year schedule in May 1, 2010.

Thanks to Estela Cloma, who is my contact from the Facebook account.

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  1. looking forward of the reunion.

    • Hello Dang,

      Hopes everything fine with you and your family. How’s your mother? My father is doing great.As you posted “looking for the reunion” Are you going to Camiguin? I just wondered:) See you this coming April and May. To all Cloma clan everywhere are welcome to our reunion.
      P.S. Thank you Nerio for the tiredless effort for making this website. I wish, I could go to Panglao for the research of my father’s ancestor. The late “Tomas Cloma” of Panglao. See you soon. Our best regards.

      Rosana(Rose)Sagrado Cloma Zerbe

  2. Hello Cloma Clan,

    How’s everyone doing? It is a small world after all. 🙂 My husband stumbled upon this website searching for my family name which is “Cloma”. When I searched the website, I saw a familiar faces. I had been in the island for five years, and I am looking forward to see you all. In addition, my father Regino Santa Cloma was born on September 19, 1919 not 1917 and one of my family member were not included. E-mail me at for more information. Once again many thank you for the special persons who made this website for the “Cloma Clan” God bless to all…

  3. i am one of the mentioned daughter of regino cloma sr. my fathers birth date is september 19, 1919 not 1917. i am priscila cloma from manila.


    • Hello Dodong,

      How’s your family doing? Yes, were are going to attend the reunion. I talked to Precy and the rest of the families in Manila. Mag-uli mi tanan diha sa ato. See you there all….

  5. Hello to all Cloma Clan,

    Happy upon reading your all comments and a many thanks to our moderator Mr. Nerio J. Cloma nice job,,We must help our moderator in updating of our every family of Tomas Cloma clan in Camiguin…Wish i could attend our grand reunion and also some Cloma’s any part of Philippines and abroad your all welcome in our Cloma Clan Grand reunon this coming May 2,2010..And so that you can meet our father Mr. Regino Santa Cloma the only living legend of all children of late TOMAS CLOMA AND EUSEBIA from PANGLAO BOHOL.. HASTA LA VISTA .. TELL WE MEET AGAIN!! DONG READY KA NA BA?



  7. hi,
    im gerry Cloma Clemana eldest son of Angelita CLoma Clemena, Ang lolo ko po ay si Regino Cloma Sr….. i saw the picture attach here at my nakalagay na caption that Renato Oclaret is the husband of my mother… mali po un pwede po bang paki tama po… byuda napo c mama kay Ernesto Clemena..
    thanks and god bless

  8. Hello po, andami plang Cloma… Mostly di ko pa kilala..

  9. Gentlemen, I am not sure if I am related to you but it looks like..My grandmother, Loreta CLoma Paquiding hailed from Mambajao, camiquin. She is a daugther of Severo Cloma, brother of Tomas Cloma who owns the PMI (Philippines Maritime Institute) and founder of the Spratly Islands. I am not sure if we are talking of the same Tomas Cloma because this Tomas that I know have sons- and daughters-in-law who are foreigners (mostly European). But it looks again like somewhere in the genealogy, we are related. The names and places, I have heard once from my grandparents. I have not been to Camiguin but I am just close by. I would love to drop by in your reunion and “re-root”. Just keep me posted. Thanks.

    • Hello Ma. Elena,

      Thanks for dropping by the site. We need inputs just like what you sent to clear some things. You see what you mentioned is somewhat did not correlate with what i have already researched and what has been published about the life of Tomas Cloma (the PMI man). There seems to be a disconnect and incomplete data and unclear facts about the Tomas Cloma who was named in the Camiguin clan. There is an age difference as well as there are so many sons and daughters of the Camiguin-Tomas compared to the PMI-Tomas. I really would like to ask from you more data like names and if you can also include birthdays of the clan members from your side then it will really help me with this project. Please find me in Facebook and there send me direct messages. Thanks and God bless!

      Nerio Cloma

  10. hi my name is armand montenegro. my girlfriend is eunelyn cloma. we both live in cebu, philippines. dropped by and checked out the site. pretty big clan you guys got. anyways i’ve been spending the last couple of days looking for someone name wilfredo cloma. he’s my girlfriends father. the thing is my girlfriend has been spending half her life looking for her father for she has never even seen him. all she knows about him is the name. so please if any of you have any information about him it would really mean alot to me and my girlfriend. his name is WILFREDO CLOMA. thanks and Godbless to each and everyone of you.

  11. joepals,im in opol now i am very happy cause i see my niece and nephews….

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