Ciriaco Cloma Clan of Panglao

Published on August 11, 2009 at 10:37 am  Comments (5)  

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  1. Greetings from Canada!
    My great-grandfather is Ciriaco Cloma, Grandfather is Filemon Cloma.
    I am the daughter of Filemon’s eldest child, Irenea.
    Every Cloma who lives in North America (18 and counting)came here because of my wonderful parents, Irenea and Romy Ignacio. They were the pioneers – the first of their families to come to North America.
    My parents sponsored Filemon’s widow, my Lola Gabriella “Belen” and four of her siblings:Laura Marina & her husband, Ramir, Philip and Oliva.
    I am proud of my Cloma heritage, and proud that my Lolo Filemon’s family now lives mostly in Canada (with some in the States). I am a Forensic Scientist and I know that my Lolo Filemon is proud of my mother and proud of me.
    Best Regards,
    Laria Toni Cloma Ignacio

    • Great to hear from you, Toni.

      Nice to know you’re doing great as a Forensic Scientist. Is that like CSI investigators?

      Jowel Cloma

  2. i, suprise that my grand father and sir tomas cloma have similarity sa face… grand father name is Celedonio Estologa Cloma from bohol panglao tagbilaran…ang pagkakaalm ko c tiya bebay na sister ni sir tomas cloma ay laging pumupnta sa bahay ng tatay ng lolo ko para iiwan ang mga anak nito para alagaan….dhil c tiya bebay ay isang guro… d ko lng alm kng cnu ung sa tatay ng lolo ko or nanay ng lolo ko ang kapid nila ..but im sure tlgang maglapit lng tlga kmi…my name is kenneth leigh Cloma manas…….god bless all

  3. My name is michael cloma and I am a son of felimon cloma

  4. hi my name is armand montenegro. my girlfriend is eunelyn cloma. we both live in cebu, philippines. dropped by and checked out the site. pretty big clan you guys got. anyways i’ve been spending the last couple of days looking for someone name wilfredo cloma. he’s my girlfriends father. the thing is my girlfriend has been spending half her life looking for her father for she has never even seen him. all she knows about him is the name. so please if any of you have any information about him it would really mean alot to me and my girlfriend. his name is WILFREDO CLOMA. thanks and Godbless to each and everyone of you.

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